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...The truth?

Koolbe was born while drinking a few beers on a cold winter Friday night, from the ramblings of three rugbymen, three lifelong friends and teammates for an eternity.

The story could end like this already, because it's perfect. After all, how could anything that starts with a beer not be perfect? 

But there's actually more. When we say "lifelong friends", we mean that we started fighting alongside each other even before we learnt the alphabet, thanks to our rugbymen dads that, once verified that we could stand up and make three steps forward without falling, threw us in the middle of the field.

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In a certain way, actually, what we learnt in those early years of rugby is no less important than the alphabet. You could say that in those years on the rugby field we learnt the alphabet of life. We became friends

Then, you know, growing up, social occasions also become increasingly important. You start getting to know the "real" third halves, you start hanging out even outside of training sessions, doing wild and crazy stuff, writing unique stories, most of which can never be told to others. It's a team secret. From friends, growing up, we became brothers.

So this one evening, we were drinking one of the many beers, telling about some tries, some wins, some defeats, some funny facts on the way to an away game, and some memorable performances in the third halves. And then, one sentence:

"There are moments and characters that deserve to be shown and carried around every day"

One sentence. Matteo pronounced it like that, naively, in a voice that was amused and melancholic at the same time. We looked at each other, the three of us, in a way that's hard to explain. Maybe we were just a little tipsy, maybe not, but the fact is  - that sentence affected the three of us.

"F****, yeah. You're right. You're right! Let's do it.

That's how Koolbe was born. It started out as a game, and now it’s become our mission.


The truth is that this sport must really be in your blood. It is not just a game, it’s more like a mission. Because it is not enough to be a rugby player if you are not first a rugbyman or a rugbywoman. And a rugby player becomes a rugbyman/rugbywoman once (s)he takes those values acquired on the field, in the locker room and in the third half, and brings them into his/her everyday life, giving them to other people.

Well, Koolbe can't bring these values into your lives, but it wants to help you to pay tribute to those who over the years have made and continue to make all of us, rugbymen and rugbywomen, live unforgettable moments, with their tries, with their stories. To those who made us who we are, leading us by example or putting a big smile on our face, in all their insane genuineness.

You always have to start with the small things, but when you have good teammates you can dream big: act small, dream bigKoolbe is our mission and to accomplish it we need the entire team. Let's go win, all together.

(And if we lose...we'll have a beer!)

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